“ We provide you with every option for your spine condition.” Our years of experience and depth of knowledge of spine conditions gives us the knowledge to provide you will all options surgical and non surgical"

Conditions Of The Spine

Spine pain and Cervical  (neck) pain can be caused by a variety of conditions. In many instances, you understand your pain and the cause may have been diagnosed. But perhaps your pain is new and you are not sure what is happening. To learn more about some of the conditions that may affect your spine and the best treatment for you call us today for an appointment. 

Our spine surgeons, Kenneth A Pettine, M.D.  and Fernando Techy, M.D. specialize in using the latest technology – without spinal fusion when possible – to treat back and neck pain. They are two of only a handful of Colorado spine surgeons, as well as those nationwide, qualified to perform artificial disc replacement surgery and implant spine stabilization devices and who are also implementing the use of stem cell therapies into treatment practices. Collectively, they have completed hundreds of spinal procedures involving lumbar disc and cervical disc replacement surgery, making them two of the most experienced spine surgeons in Colorado and in the country. More so, Dr. Pettine is a co-inventor of an artificial lumbar and cervical disc that has improved the quality of life for patients around the world.